Hansel and Gretel

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Sir Archibald Smythen-Smyth, a proud curator of The Brothers Grimm Fairytale Archive, is eager to share with you the original Hansel and Gretel – untouched and unabridged!


About Hansel and Gretel

Unfortunately for Sir Archie, the cast of the fairytale have other ideas and are intent on telling their side of the story. Discover the woodcutter’s sideline occupation (performing squirrels!), get digging for Gretel’s ‘Great Escape’, giggle and gawk at the witches grotesque comedy set and take a wander through the midnight woods with a frightened yet awestruck Hansel.

Combining a stunning score, hilarious voiceovers and larger than life props and performances, Hansel and Gretel is a funny, spellbinding and sometimes slightly scary take on the Grimm Brothers classic.

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Supported by Without Walls

Commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
Financial support from Awards For All (2008)