Last Words

Flintlock Theatre

Installation, Theatre

Flintlock Theatre has gathered extraordinary stories from ordinary people about the people they’ve loved and lost, and how they’ve commemorated them.

When passers-by sit on our eye-catching memorial bench, installed in Oxford’s Gloucester Green as part of Oxford’s Offbeat Festival in June 2018, an intimate piece of original playwrighting will unfold around them, drawn from personal stories shared by Oxford residents.

About Flintlock Theatre

Flintlock Theatre is interested in finding extraordinary tales and sharing them with audiences in the most exciting, innovative ways. It puts its audience front and centre of the theatrical experiences it creates and invites them to collaborate, before, during and after the live performance. Flintlock Theatre draws on all of its combined skills and embraces technology to best serve the tales that demand to be told in theatres, in the street and in community spaces.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.