Le Cheval Solitaire


Circus, Dance, Music/Sound, Walkabout

Le Cheval Solitaire is an outdoor walkabout show for young children and their families, performed by 3 dancers dressed in custom made horse costumes.

The lead physical comedy performer encourages children and families to help find a missing carousel. Once a crowd has gathered, a large parasol resembling an ornate traditional carousel is erected and the 3 performers join together in a graceful, rhythmic dance. The children are invited to join in with their accompanying adults, as the performers model different carry holds and supported lifts that children and adults can emulate together.

The performance is an interactive and accessible offering, where parent/carer and child can have an individualised performance experience within the wider context of a festival setting, be in close proximity to the performers and enjoy a sense of freedom of movement together as well as moments of closeness and intimacy in a beautifully crafted environment.

About aboutNOWish

aboutNOWish create sensory led, low capacity interactive performance experiences for early years audiences and young people with additional needs. Their work is focussed around sensory stimulation and is responsive or improvised within an overall structure. They aim to create environments and opportunities for children and their accompanying adults to enjoy intimate bonding experiences through movement, dance and play.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Commissioned by Without Walls and Just So Festival.

Co-commissioned by Bristol City Creative Seed Fund. Supported by Cirque Bijou.