Magna Mysteria

Mercurial Wrestler

Digital, Installation, Theatre

Magna Mysteria draws on the Victorian era of magic and illusion and combines that with ubiquitous digital technology. It is an immersive, interactive experience which takes the people on a journey, infiltrating their consciousness and teasing them with conflicting stories, delivered through performance and mobile communications.

The performance begins with the audience collecting their tarot card from a Fortune Telling Machine and then unravels. Age-old stories emerge from out of nowhere, mysterious characters tell conflicting tales, and the audience chooses who, or what, to believe. It’s not a game, there’s no right or wrong, but there are many paths, and no one experiences Magna Mysteria in the same way.

About Mercurial Wrestler

Mercurial Wrestler is resident artists at Kaleider, previously at Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol and AIR Studio, Falmouth University, UK. It creates live events which are interactive, risk-taking and often uses technology and electronics to place people at the centre of the experience.

Production Credits:

Created by Mercurial Wrestler

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls, Winchester Hat Fair, Falmouth University Performance Centre and Hall For Cornwall. Supported by AIR Falmouth University. With funding from Arts Council England and Feast. It started it’s life in Bristol in 2012 at Mayfest with support from Arts Council, MAYK, Bristol City Council, Bristol Ferment, Theatre Bristol and Pervasive Media Studio,