Yello Brick

Digital, Theatre

Masquerade is a playful intervention in the audience’s everyday life. Using their mobile phones, the audience are invited to participate in a Venetian ball with all its intrigue and drama. Participants receive text messages and phone calls from the hosts of the ball with instructions and clues. They must use these clues to solve the mystery and take the glory. The dramatic spectacle of Masquerade adds wonder and delight to any outdoor space in any town or city.
Yello Brick believe in the power of play to bring strangers together and allow them to see everyday spaces through new eyes, Masquerade is a unique event that combines digital and outdoor art forms to do just that.

About Yello Brick

Yello Brick is a group of creatives who seek to explore and redefine how stories are told and theatre is consumed beyond the traditional stage. They tell stories and create happenstance in new realities and everyday spaces. They create narratives that allow and encourage participation and utilise digital and art based forms to create engaging experiences. Their events are staged in everyday spaces where the urban environment becomes an important part of the story. Participants are active, creating their own unique shared experiences through interactive narratives. Yello Brick develop theatrical experiences that utilise new technologies creating moments of magic and wonder.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Commissioned by Without Walls, Brighton Festival and Winchester Hat Fair.