Motor Show

Requardt & Rosenberg

Dance, Music/Sound, Theatre

A car arrives in a hidden wasteland in which a young couple, completely oblivious to anything other than themselves, kiss, fumble, argue, fondle, listen to music, and plan a world for each other. They joke, love, break up, get back together, kiss more, love more, discover and disregard their differences and make promises they can’t possibly understand. Their whole lives are stretched out before them and they are fireproof.

And all the time the dark world turns around them.

Motor Show is a large-scale outdoor dance performance; a wild and fragile spectacle in an acre of forgotten land with the city skyline as a backdrop. The audience wears headphones which transport them aurally to the intimate interiors of the cars that they can see approaching from the distance.

About Requardt & Rosenberg

Following on from Electric Hotel, Requardt & Rosenberg continue their exploration of outdoor dance performances that employ binaural sound technology seeking to transport an audience through intimate sound design to distant personal spaces.

Requardt and Rosenberg was established to create accessible dance performance away from the auditorium and studio, either in outdoor locations or within temporary structures.  By making the performance a highly visible, unique event it is possible to engage a wider audience with the work.

Production Credits:

Directed by Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg

Sound Score composed by Ben And Max Ringham

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Co-commissioned by London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT)
Brighton Festival
Norfolk+Norwich Festival.
Presented in association with Without Walls