My House

Apocalyptic Circus

Circus, Family, Theatre

Welcome to “My House”! Come close and look in through the enticing doors and windows. If you are patient enough you might find out who lives here! “My House” is a circus theatre experience for little people and their families. This magical, quirky structure, invites people to come close and almost become part of the performance.

The show opens up questions about collaboration and what we value and expect from our home and the people we share it with. It combines slack rope, hand balance, ac¬robatics and physical theatre into a playful piece of circus theatre.

About Apocalyptic Circus

Linn Brodén and Tom Richmond created Apocalyptic Circus in 2012. The aim was to create circus theatre shows using stories from our own lives and people around us. We value circus highly and always aim to create work with high skill levels at its core.

Linn Brodén – Artistic Director for Apocalyptic Circus. Slackrope performer, acrobat and teacher. Worked in the arts for 10 years since graduating with a BA in Contemporary Circus from DOCH in Sweden. The vision and drive behind this project. Linn will be one of two performers in the show.

Tom Richmond – Artistic Director (Technical) for Apocalyptic Circus. Tom has almost 20 years of experience as a lighting designer, technician and production manager. He has also toured with the circus, crewed on tall ships and designed and built this eye-catching structure.

Sunniva Byvard – a Guest performer, specialising in hand balance. Sunniva is an award-winning (Sophie Hulten’s Circus Grant) artist from Denmark, currently touring with Les 7 doigts de la main. The exceptional technique, creativity and eye for precision make Sunniva an invaluable member of the team.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

My House is supported by Without Walls, and commissioned by Just So Festival.

This project has support from Arts Council England, Circomedia, 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and The Pound Art Center.