Now I am Become Deaf (Destroyer of Words)

Tit for Tat Circus

Circus, Music/Sound

With physical comedy, eccentric juggling, and absurd acts of balance;
Ryan explores his own degenerative hearing loss as a celebratory source
of play and invention.

Living between hearing society and Deaf Culture, whilst feeling a part of neither, he explores cultural boundary and personal identity through moments of chaos, sincerity, and total nonsense.

Immerse yourself in a world where the loudest actions are lost in translation, and the tiniest looks become deafening. A visual spectacle that tears down barriers, celebrates silence, and fires an ear-splitting laugh in the face of frustration – as this clown tears our world of language apart, just to say “hello!”


“A near lethal experience… Expect a lot of silliness.”

Shorham Herald

“Just the right amount of obscure sense it, and gives us the enjoyable frisson of danger that circus is renowned for.”

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About Tit for Tat

Tit for Tat is an unusual juggling company that believes in celebrating the ordinary.

We take ordinary objects, objectives and scenes, and we explore every nook and cranny until we make them extra-ordinary. We believe in finding the most exciting and, more often than not, the most difficult way of getting from A to B.

Even when undertaking simple tasks such as making a cup of tea or changing a lightbulb. We love applying circus techniques to everyday situations or common household objects – creating worlds and characters that audiences can relate to, whilst demystifying the barrier between spectator and spectacle.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Tit for Tat Circus, Now I am Become Deaf (Destroyer of Words) is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Just So Festival and Hat Fair.

Image credits © Tit for Tat

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