The Playground of Illusions

Travelling Light Circus


The Playground of Illusions is a place to explore, play and discover incredible wonders that have to be seen (or heard) to be believed.

Come and play with the enchanting and intriguing interactive toys – a set of visual and auditory illusions that reveal the unexpected, the unimaginable and sometimes the unexplained!

This new installation is a continuation of the love that Travelling Light Circus have for playful contraptions that are instantly engaging and intriguing. The Playground of Illusions is a collection of ‘giant toys’ that each contains a visual or auditory illusion; these toys are placed in an area that the audience is free to wander around and explore. Each illusion is self-sufficient and works brilliantly on its own; together they make an unforgettable and fascinating experience that is inspirational, educational and (most importantly) awesome FUN!

The illusions will have a common design aesthetic, inspired by steampunk and a sense of playful invention – there will be levers to pull and wheels to turn, buttons to push and pedals to pedal. We will re-use vintage industrial machines to make our own quirky gadgets, creating an intriguing visual spectacle that will draw visitors in and ignite their imaginations.

About Travelling Light Theatre

Travelling Light Circus is a creative arts company from Manchester that love to make people smile and laugh and most of all, to go “Wow!”

A unique troupe of performers, engineers and producers combine to make work that marries art and technology; they love clever lighting and interactive fun, especially on a large- scale that leaves people with lasting memories of something very special indeed.

The company’s work is characterised by creative ingenuity coupled with high production values, ensuring that organisers and the public alike, are enthralled.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Co-commissioned by Without Walls, Just So Festival and Brighton Festival. Co-commissioned with Applause
Rural Touring.