Four performers are standing side on in a circle. They all have their arms outstretched with their right arms pointing into the circle. They all have their heads turned in the circle where they are smiling at each other.

Pravaas invites the audience to follow an evocative experience of migration. Through this promenade performance, you will witness the lyricism, fluidity and symmetry of ancient South Asian dance forms, rooted in rhythm and gestures (mudras) and uplifting song.

The performers will move to express the pain, suffering, resourcefulness, spirit and hope within these communities, conveying real life stories of migration enforced due to climate change. As the landscapes shift and homes are destroyed, people continue to journey and to create.

Join Pravaas to help rebuild dwellings, forge communities, keep moving and discover a shared fluctuating environment from which to enjoy the dance and music and connect to these powerful migrant stories.

About Akademi

Akademi’s mission is to develop artists, inspire audiences and enhance lives by creating, commissioning and nurturing classical, contemporary, popular and participatory South Asian dance in the UK. We are dedicated to redefining the parameters of south Asian dance as an art form.

We are a dynamic and future facing organisation, with a vision that professional South Asian dance is thriving at the centre of British culture. We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience, learn about or participate in South Asian dance, and understand how this rich culture impacts and represents contemporary life. 

Akademi is a catalyst for change, a proactive and collaborative partner, creating outstanding artistic experiences that are driven by societal and scientific issues that are relevant and resonant now. 

 Founded in 1979 by the legendary Tara Rajkumar and currently led by Artistic Director, Subathra Subramaniam, and Executive Director, Kirsten Burrows.

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Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Pravaas is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Norfolk &Norwich Festival and Brighton Festival.

Supported by 101 Outdoor Arts.

Image credits: Pravaas, Akademi at NNF © Justin Jones