Pullen’s Journey

Vital Xposure

Circus, Dance, Puppetry

Why are some lives more highly valued than others? In 2015 Julie McNamara was commissioned by RCMG to investigate the representation of disabled people in medical museums. She fell in love with a giant puppet created by James Henry Pullen, who spent 66 years in an asylum for ‘Idiots’. This is his story, his yearning for freedom and the possibility of life beyond the gates of the asylum with the love of the woman who served his favourite ale!

Vital Xposure:

Vital Xposure is a disability-led company about to engage on their first creative collaboration with the extraordinary 101 Outdoor Arts Creation space at Corn Exchange Newbury.

Creative / Production credits:

Artistic Director – Julie McNamara
Co-Director of Pullen’s Journey – Kristoffer Huball resident artist with 101 Outdoor Arts
Company Stage Manager / Lighting Design – Crin Claxton
ASM – Alan Clifton
Cast – Adam Smith, Eden West, Emma Selwyn and a team of fabulous volunteers

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Arts Council England and 101 Outdoor Arts Creation space with Corn Exchange Newbury

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.