Closer to My Dreams R&D

Chad Taylor

Dance, Digital, Theatre, Walkabout

Closer To My Dreams is the journey of two young black brothers from inner-city Hulme, describing their trials and tribulations to pursue their dream of becoming professional dancers. Will they succeed with the odds stacked against them?

The show weaves poetry/rap with Hip Hop choreography.

Living very parallel lives, the story shows the journey of two brothers forging the relationships with their peers, family and romantic relationships. In a playful, heartfelt and unique take on family and friendship it explores universal questions of how we respond to the trials and tribulations that life throws at us, what path to take, when to hustle and when to let go.


About Chad Taylor

As an artist, Chad Taylor comes from a Hip Hop background focusing on Hip Hop choreography, with his own unique style working with dancers/artist who have trained in his particular style. In the last three years, he has been creating poetry and rap and including that into the work that he has been creating. 



Creative Director: Chad Taylor 
Artist: Chad Taylor & Ziggy Taylor 
Music producer: Ezekiel Taylor 
Producer: Jayne Compton 

Closer to My Dreams is supported by Without Walls.

Image credit: Amir Shah Design by Tae Dahunsi