Gravity & Levity in association with The Dream Engine

Dance, Aerial

Re-flex is a highly imaginative new outdoor work from aerial dance company, Gravity & Levity, inspired by dancing bamboo forests and fishermen swaying on poles over a lagoon.  A free-standing, circular structure of inter-locked, flexible poles forms a three-dimensional aerial performance arena, through which the dancers swoop, soar and glide, whilst the audience moves freely around viewing the performance in 360°.


About Gravity & Levity & The Dream Engine

Gravity & Levity exists as a project-based company and has a rich history of collaborating with extremely talented and respected artists, producers and technical management, many over several projects and operating under the Artistic Direction of Lindsey Butcher.


The Dream Engine creates unique and unusual performance installations. A show where the structure, performance, soundtrack and location create a sum larger than the parts. The shows are all curious, slightly impossible and the illusions powerful.

Production Credits:

Choreographed by Lindsey Butcher (Gravity & Levity)

Designed by Steve Edgar (The Dream Engine)

Produced by ArtsAgenda

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls
Funded by the Arts Council England South East
Supported by University of Surrey and The Point Eastleigh