Robot Selfie


Digital, Installation

Kaleider crowdsources hundreds of faces through a bespoke online platform, and then their robot paints them on a giant canvas in public space, creating a beautiful mural of strangers next to each other, in an act of togetherness.

There are three steps to Robot Selfie.


First they have to draw the public. To do this they create a bespoke website for each promoter at<your place or city>

On that site the public are invited to have their selfies drawn by their non-learning AI. It is easy, accessible, fun, and free to take part.


When they’re happy with their drawing they submit it to Kaleider. Everyone who submits a selfie gets a copy sent to them to print at home… or to use as a social media profile picture.

Watch the robot paint live

They then send a compilation of faces to their robot which paints them on a giant canvas situated in public space. They like to paint for four days, giving the public the chance to submit their selfies and to see the mural emerge over time.

As well as watching the robot paint live in public space, Kaleider set up a live stream to so that people can take part from anywhere in the world.

About Kaleider

Kaleider is an international production studio led by artist Seth Honnor and producer Katie Keeler. Kaleider makes playable artworks. They combine installation, live performance and digital to design artworks for audiences, which they tour to cities, festivals, venues and public spaces all over the world.

In the last 5 years they have performed 144 international gigs in 14 countries on five continents to more than 65,000 people.

Kaleider Studios is in Exeter, UK and is where they make their work and run projects. They share their space with other creative organisations and individuals, many of whom they collaborate with and who collaborate with each other.

Kaleider is an IN SITU artist 2020 – 2024 (UN) COMMON SPACES. IN SITU is the European platform for artistic creation in public space. Kaleider is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation, 2015-23, and is funded by Exeter City Council.

Creative / Production credits

A Kaleider Production.

Conceived and directed by Seth Honnor.
Fabricated with Andy Wood, Kris Sum, Thomas Duggan and Jay Kerry.

Images: Robot Selfie in Stoke © Fiona Rourke

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Kaleider is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and supported by Exeter City Council.

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.

Robot Selfie is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Brighton Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival.