Roll Play

Simple Cypher

Circus, Dance

An aerial performer is in a cyr wheel in front of a historic building and blue sky. Their body is on against the left of the wheel and they are reaching for the right.

Prepare to be amazed by the explosive tricks and artful dexterity of Simple Cypher’s newest outdoor production Roll Play. Three performers blur the boundaries between hip hop and circus, using intricate moves and virtuosic agility to give a captivating, cheeky and effortlessly cool performance.

A folding bench is the meeting point for three strangers from different walks of life; a park bench, a bus stop, a waiting room. What unfolds is a series of playful interactions challenging identity, status and societal roles.

Divisions between class, race and education are shattered, as the characters go on a journey of building trust, lending support and discovering connections between one another – focusing on their similarities, not their differences.

Roll Play shows small acts of kindness can make a large impact on those around us.

About Simple Cypher

Simple Cypher is a company built through the foundations of Hip Hop and Circus. Style, originality and unity are key fundamentals of Hip Hop culture and have a profound influence on the work the company creates. Simple Cypher fuses circus and hip hop to create new, uplifting experiences.

An exciting young company featuring graduates from the National Centre for Circus Arts, they are currently receiving mentorship from the Roundhouse in London. They bring a unique style, informed by hip hop and urban culture, to the UK outdoor touring network.

Creative / Production credits:

Creative Team
Devised & Performed
Kieran Warner
Chris Thomas
Ed Stephen

Additional Touring Performer
Luke Lentes

Guest Direction
Lina Johansson (Mimbre)
Chris Patfield (Gandini Juggling, Patfield & Triggero)

Produced by Split Second

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Roll Play is supported by Without Walls and Brighton Festival; Norfolk and Norwich Festival; Salisbury International Arts Festival, part of Wiltshire Creative, and Hat Fair.

Further commissioning, funding and support from Arts Council England, 101 Outdoor Arts and Stratford Circus.


Images credits:

HotShot Creative, Lamar Francois