Dance, Theatre

Playing on the idea that life is a fashion show, Scalped is an outdoor dance theatre exhibition piece focusing on black women’s hair in professional spaces and western society.

The piece partly pays homage to Grace Jones whose career embodies breaking free from expectations and boundaries faced by Black women. The dance piece written by Damilola K Fashola is a comment on the objectification and exhibitionism black hair brings.

The overriding message of self-acceptance is shown through movement and rhythm in a world where the corporate meets the fantastic. A mix of fashion and otherness.

About Initiative.dkf

One of Talawa’s MAKE: Sustain Artists ’17, Initiative.dkf is a combined arts duo specialising in creative projects and productions in theatre, dance and short-film. Formed by British Nigerians: the Multidisciplinary Artist “DK” (Royal Court Young Writers Alumnus; BBE Awards Nominee ’17; Theatre Royal Stratford East 30 Nigeria House ward Winner; MBF Creator; BAC Homegrown Festival ‘16; RADA Festival ‘15 et al.) and the mononymous Creative Producer Wofai (China Plate Optimists ‘17; Yong Vic Intro to Directing ’16, and Springboard ‘16; AD VAULT Festival ‘17 et al), our focus is normalising Black British narratives and atypical storytelling.

Creative / Production Credits

Damilola DK Fashola & Wofai | Initiative.dkf


Movement Director, Writer, Co-Producer
Damilola DK Fashola

Assistant Choreographer
Gabrielle Nimo

Sound Designer/ Composer
Tyrone Isaac-Stuart

Costume Designer
Paulina Domaszewska

Set Designer
Ruby Jennings

Storyboard Artist
Rebecca E. Douglas

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Supported by Without Walls, and commissioned by Brighton Festival.

R&D Supported by Without Walls Blueprint. Supported by Greenwich+Docklands International Festival.