Serving Sounds

Working Boys Club

Circus, Digital, Installation, Music/Sound, Theatre

A side angle shot of the installation. There are 2 people and a younger child enjoying the bar's sounds. There are clear blue skies in the background.

Serving Sounds is a multi-sensory sound installation that creates connection through music – a bar that serves bass rather than beer. The installation is an interactive work, playful and joyful with spaces for up to four people of all ages to interact with the bar at any one time, each experience lasting up to the length of a song.  

As you arrive, you’ll find the ordinary items you’d usually expect to find, such as glasses, beermats, the odd bit of change. But at this bar, these items when touched will create a groove, a sound, strings, a snare, maybe a guitar, or synths if you like.

About Working Boys Club

The Working Boys Club was founded in 2020 by Jason & Adam Dupree, identical twins from Poole. Both started in the trades: Adam as a car mechanic and Jason as an electrician. Noticing the lack of art made by and for the working class, they formed The Working Boys Club, blending their skills from the building site with those learnt in the rehearsal room. 

‘The Working Boys Club have created a world of music and even magic that delighted audiences at our festival. They are a talented new company and one that all promoters should look out for.’

Kate Wood and Bill Gee, Co-Artistic Directors, Inside Out Dorset 

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Serving Sounds is supported by Without Walls.

Developed with the support of Lighthouse Poole, Theatre Orchard, Out There Arts, Freshly Greated, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea, BCP Council and Activate Performing Arts.

Commissioned and produced by Activate Performing Arts, producers of Inside Out Dorset, with funding from Arts Council England.

Image credits © Mike Petitdemange and Roy Riley