Plunge Boom

Theatre, Walkabout

A man sits still amidst members of the public. Gradually, smoke begins to creep from out of his trouser leg. He crosses his legs and the smoke stops. Next it arises from his collar, then his sleeves. All the while he acknowledges this with a weary resignation, but what starts as a wisp ends up as an inevitable billow.

Smoke is a visual, non-verbal show that offers an abstract, gently comic & understated physical performance. It begins as a meandering walkabout of public interactions before becoming an unstoppable plumage.

About Plunge Boom

Plunge Boom is a theatre company that specialises in interactive performance. They have a range of walkabout & static shows all of which are small-scale, self-contained and work both outside and indoors. The material is imaginative, intimate, interactive and developed for children & family audiences. Plunge Boom was established by Ben Faulks in 2006 and to date have toured to festivals & events throughout the UK, Europe & Canada.


Production Credits:

Ben Faulks (Director, Co-Producer and Performer); Mimi Faulks (Co – Producer).

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls and Hat Fair.