Standing High

Out Of Order

Circus, Dance, Aerial, Music/Sound, Theatre

A performer in a black hoodie and beanie sits outside behind a wooden grand piano with the lid open.

Standing High brings a message of hope and celebration, showing that people can overcome hardship by coming together. It addresses topics of survival and interdependence in a light, humorous way.

Standing High is a show about the times when everything goes wrong. Accompanied by Tipsy, the flying piano, our heroes find their way through chaos, relying on each other to overcome any obstacle. Combining circus, dance and theatre, the performance will be fun, quirky, beautiful and messy at times. A daring yet heart-warming story that is suitable for children and adults alike.

About Out Of Order

Out Of Order is a contemporary circus collective based in the UK. They blend aerial acrobatics, dance and physical theatre to create daring, touching and innovative performances. Declaring the world and its rules to be ‘out of order’, their work aims to venture rather than master, to push boundaries rather than comply with them. They question societal and performative narratives to challenge the status quo; they investigate, analyse, break apart and put the pieces back together – collectively provoking our minds and hearts to shake notions on stereotypes, the reality we live in, and our identities.

As a collective they represent female and trans circus practice, empowering individuals in these communities through their work ethics, their dramaturgy, and their representation on stage. Their core team are Angeliki Nikolakaki, Iman Luna, and Fae Fichtner. Their indoor shows include Meeting Point and Once Standing.


Builder of the aerial piano: BCI Profiles  

Standing High is supported by Without Walls, Arts Council England, Ockham’s Razor, Certain Blacks, Upswing and 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Centre.

Image credit: Alessia Gammarota