Straw Dog

Wired Aerial Theatre

A ground-breaking fusion of Bungee-Assisted Dance and pure contemporary, Straw Dog explores the internal battle between the best and worse elements of the human condition. It’s as beautiful as it is brutal; dynamic, savage energy, harnessed and tempered with the grace and elegance of flight, Straw Dog is an art form unlike any you’ve seen before.

Choreographed in collaboration with the award-winning Henri Oguike, Straw Dog has been touring at major festivals around the country, to great acclaim from audiences and critics alike.


About Wired Aerial Theatre

Wired Aerial Theatre is an internationally acclaimed aerial theatre company and the creators and world’s foremost performers of Bungee-Assisted Dance technique.

Wired specialises in creating inventive aerial productions with the use of flyable set pieces as well as performer/animation interaction and enjoy sharing our harness techniques with directors and choreographers to make its other aerial productions.

Invention and creativity form the basis of all the company’s work, whether that is within education or forms part of its larger scale productions.

Wired Aerial Theatre is proud to be working in partnership with Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls