Strong Enough

Strong Lady Productions

Circus, Theatre

Strong Enough is a powerfully optimistic show that uses circus physicality, comedy and feats-of strength to celebrate stories of finding strength in unexpected places.

This circus Strong Lady has collected stories of strength from a huge range of ordinary people – asking them the question: ‘can you tell me about a time when you were strong’. Their stories are told with a playful mix of circus physicality, comedy and feats of strength.

You know that feeling, when you are right at your edge and you aren’t sure if you are strong enough to take the next step? It is exactly in those moments, where we are at our edge and wobbling, that we find strength we didn’t know we had – and build strength we didn’t have before. These stories reveal moments of resilience, adapting, determination and powerful choices.

Funny, physical and full of hope – this show is an optimistic declaration that we are STRONG ENOUGH!

About Strong Lady Productions

With a playful combination of astounding strength, surprising elegance & skilful comedy Strong Lady Productions creates work that brings people together to celebrate how different we all are. Originally from Australia and now based in the UK, Charmaine has toured to outdoor arts festivals, events, variety shows and theatres in 22 countries, performing in 6 languages since 2002.

As ‘Betty Brawn’ in her solo show STRONG LADY she has toured internationally for a decade now. She is a skilful comedienne and circus performer, with a warm and respectful style of audience participation. As an acrobatic base Charmaine has collaborated on various projects: LEAP (2014-16), Mimbre’s ‘Falling Up’ (2012), ‘Barcelona’ with Mario Queen of the Circus (2007-continuing) and Tutti Frutti

Creative / Production credits:

Strong Enough is created by Strong Lady Productions.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Strong Enough is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Hat Fair and Just So Festival.