Ling Tan

Digital, Music/Sound, Walkabout

SUPERMOMENTS is a project about heightening the experience of those special moments people have in cities and sharing them with each other while reflecting on your own urban experiences and hopes for the future.

Audiences will be part of an interactive outdoor procession, using technology to explore their relationship to the city and their capacity to act on it while empathising with others. Donning a SUPERMOMENTS wearable-tech suit that will help audiences engage with their aural, visual and haptic senses, they will listen to site-specific stories told by both locals and others around the world – stories about the place you’re in as well as far away.

Together, as audiences share their own stories, the group will form a collective visual spectacle that’s unique to every city.

About Ling Tan

Ling Tan is a UK based multidisciplinary artist working within the field of social engagement, technology, citizen participation and politics. Originally trained as an architect, her work explores people’s interaction with the built environment through technology and our collective agency and responsibility in tackling complex issues surrounding our cities.

She designs, fabricates and programmes her work, ranging from wearable technology, interactive installations, mobile phone apps to Internet of Things (IoT) tools. Her work addresses issues such as safety in public space, air quality, smart city, gender, demographics and race. It enables communities to make sense of their environment and share perspectives through their subjective perception using technology, and voice their opinions about their city in a playful and performative way.

Creative / Production credits

Ruth Jones

Music and Sound Engineering

Residency Support
101 Creation Centre

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.