Dance, Installation, Theatre, Walkabout

The yellow tuk tuk all packed up and parked in front of a stage. It is bright yellow with a red line that swirls around the side and around images of tea cups. The word 'chai' is written in green on the bottom left.

TEABREAK serves as a portal into an experiential world of tea drinking and performance. 

Free, freshly brewed tea is served from Trigger’s Tuk Tuk, offering the opportunity to sit, enjoy a cup of tea and companionship and subtly be taken through the history of tea.

Coming to you from the producers of large-scale epics PoliNations & The Hatchling – this 40 minute performance includes everything needed to transform a small space into an outdoor theatre (seating for 50 audience members, headsets, tea urns and chai glasses), a specially-commissioned audio experience and live dance performance by 2 beautifully costumed dancers.

About Trigger

Trigger are shapeshifting creatives who dream-up, create and produce bold and brave live and digital events. We reimagine and revive public spaces, and put audiences and togetherness at the heart of everything we do.  

 Our work is accessible, inclusive and boundary pushing, and is often large-scale and often outdoors. We create epic, imaginative spaces, fly giant dragons and grow magical pop-up gardens.  

 Trigger’s vision is brought to life by diverse teams of cross-disciplinary artists and creatives and aims to shine a spotlight on the creativity of local communities. Trigger is for everyone, and everyone is invited.  

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

TEABREAK is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Timber Festival.

The TEABREAK Tuk Tuk was originally presented as part of PoliNations and commissioned by UNBOXED.

[Image credits: Katja Ogrin]