That’s the way to do it

Red Herring


That’s The Way To Do It! is a raucous and alternative take on the traditional Punch and Judy show, incorporating grotesque characters, puppets, music and great knockabout choreography. This is unlike any Punch and Judy you have seen before as our infamous rebels return as vehicles for satire in our anxious, credit-crunched world.

The show is presented in three instalments over the course of a day, with a combination of static, walkabout performance and an installation element at Punch and Judy’s booth and culminates in a tug of war with an enormous string of sausages that the public can participate in.

About Red Herring

Red Herring is a theatre company, specialising in outdoor, interactive performance.

Red Herring believes that bringing people together to experience familiar places in unfamiliar ways, can have a transformative impact on communities, strengthen local connections and reduce loneliness. And where people are not able to join the company outdoors, it hopes to bring a bit of the outdoors into them.

It believes that play can have a transformative impact on people’s lives, stimulating creativity and happiness, whatever our age. We provide opportunities for members of the public to take part – through workshops, in performances and as actively engaged audience members.

Production Credits:

Writer & Director: Paschale Straiton

Creative Producer: Sarah Sansom, Time Wont Wait

Devising Performers: Tom Adams, Alice Robinson, Philippe Spall, Simon Spencer-Hyde, Sarah Thomas-Lane & Frank Wurzinger

Music and Sound Design: Matthew Xia

Designer: Alison Neighbour

Fight Director: Kate Waters

Choreography: Lina Johansson

Masks: Nick Ash

Production Manager: Lee Jones

Stage Manager: Lindsay Stockley

Filming: Justin Jones

Photography: Pau Ros, Chuck Douglas, George Rockett

Thanks to: Bernd Fauler, Gregory Hall and Bernadette Russell

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls
Greenwich+Docklands Festival