The Bridge


Circus, Dance, Aerial, Music/Sound, Theatre

Clinging between past and future, the bridge has been destroyed and rebuilt a thousand times. A young woman is caught in its history; another one desperately needs to get across, but the stubborn bridge-keeper stands in their way and will try to stop them, no matter what …

With humour, daring and exceptional physicality ‘The Bridge’ reverberates with our battle to defend our place in the world, whilst trying not to destroy it… again…

Mimbre works with director Joseph Alford from acclaimed theatre company Theatre O on this production; fusing world-class acrobatics with theatre and dance, using a unique physical language to tell stories and create imagery.

About Mimbre

Mimbre is a female-led company creating nuanced, breathtaking and highly skilled acrobatic theatre. It uses circus and dance innovatively as a physical language to illuminate human connections and promote a positive image of women.


With an artistic voice that is physical and accessible, Mimbre builds relationships with broad, non-traditional audiences and participants, creating unexpected moments in unusual spaces and reclaiming some beauty within the urban environment.


The company’s performances and participation programme reach beyond social, financial and cultural boundaries and find fresh ways to engage, encourage and inspire people, showing that the impossible can be possible on a local, national and international level.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Co-commissioned by the National Theatre, Hat Fair, Laban
Funded by Arts Council England

Supported  by Without Walls (2007)