The Conference of the Birds


Dance, Family, Music/Sound, Puppetry, Theatre

Attar’s The Conference of the Birds still has significance today: the birds represent the diversity of humanity and the story illustrates that on self-reflection, together we are stronger and wiser.

Nutkhut will create a large-scale processional piece that transforms the identity of open spaces in town centres and parks into exciting and imaginative landscapes where adventurous journeys take place.

The procession would incorporate beautiful structures and be accompanied by a newly commissioned haunting and mystical score and could involve scalable numbers of participants in choreographed dance sequences and crafts.

The Conference of the Birds aims to bring people together in public spaces to celebrate and participate in a story of unity succeeding over division.

About Nutkhut

Formed in 2003, Nutkhut exists to fulfil the creative vision of Simmy Gupta and Ajay Chhabra.

As an ideas-led, art-focused performance company, Nutkhut creates work mixing performance, dance, film, participation and a distinctly British comedic sensibility and eccentricity. Nutkhut has been delighting audiences for over 10 years. The company is a major presence in the outdoor performing arts sector, and work regularly with festivals and events across the UK and beyond.

Nutkhut is led by two British Asian artists, Simmy Gupta and Ajay Chhabra. The company is unique as it draws inspiration from the Artistic Directors’ backgrounds and mixes it with a very British sense of humour and mischief. Nutkhut is highly representative of modern Britain.

It creates work which could only have come from the here and now.

Creation and Production Credits:

Co-Artistic Director of Nutkhut and Artistic Director
Simmy Gupta

Rebecca Brower

Matthew Jones

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.