The Invisible Man

Altered States

Using H. G. Wells’ ‘The Invisible Man’ as source material to produce an initial 2-person promenade performance addressing issues including Deafness, homelessness and age using the theme of ‘invisible people’ on the streets.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, an interactive two person 30 minute walkabout performance. Audiences will be introduced to and witness a living, breathing 8 foot tall ‘Invisible Man’ who is in the custody of his doctor.

He initially appears to be a solid form but interaction with the character reveals an empty, translucent man as bandages and clothing are slowly removed.

Using 3D projection technology and an interactive sound system, audiences are controlled and stewarded by his mysterious doctor and can witness his strange powers first hand, communicating with him as he explores his landscape.

Altered States/Marc Parry:

Altered States is a new company founded by established performer Marc Parry.

Marc has worked as a performer and creator in outdoor and site-specific arts for 19 years and has helped develop various projects within other companies.

Marc began in outdoor arts by creating a small 2-person static piece of street theatre when a student for the Streets Ahead festival in 1999. He has helped devise, and perform in, a large-scale touring production for Avanti Display and helped devise, produce and perform in an outdoor street theatre installation for Artizani (Bees, the Colony) I also regularly work as a freelance performer and creator for many outdoor arts companies including: Artizani, Avanti Display (The Spurting Man), Larking About, Walk The Plank, Manchester Art Gallery/MOSI, and The Circus house Manchester.

Creation and Production Credits:

Created by Marc Parry with fabrication from William Freitag and Dr Dave Southall, 3D Animation provided by CGHero, dramaturgy and direction from James MacPherson.

James McPherson (Artizani) construction, direction and dramaturg.
Bill Palmer (Avanti Display) Sound/multimedia advice.
Dr Dave Southall (Dr Southall’s Medicine Show) Electronic engineering and fabrication.
Nick Betney (MD ARTZU Gallery) Visual Art and aesthetic advice.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

The Invisible Man is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Salisbury International Arts Festival, part of Wiltshire Creative and Stockton International Riverside Festival.

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