The Lift

Wet Picnic

Theatre, Walkabout

Everyday a million moments sweep past with the blink of an eye; snatched conversations, passing images whispered encounters. Moments that pass too quickly for us to register, or that we forget because we are too busy, too distracted or unengaged. But what would happen if we could capture these moments, and put them all into one, easy to access location? What would it reveal? What would it tell us about ourselves? The Lift is a roving theatrical experience that envelops its audience, welcoming them into a world of captured moments, giving them a surreal experience that they won’t forget.

About Wet Picnic

Winchester based, Wet Picnic is a group of theatre artists who create work as an ensemble under the artistic direction of Matt Feerick and Judy Barrington-Smuts. The company’s aim is to create great art that is not bound by space or location wherever there is an audience. Accessibility is key, both in terms of the content of the work and where it is presented. Wet Picnic is a company that delights in the absurd, playing with the notion of British eccentricity, mixing bouffon, clown, slapstick and physicality to create work that reflects life in all its forms. The company strives to look at new ways of creating theatre blurring the lines between audience and performer.

Production Credits:

Devised by Wet Picnic
Original Company: Bernadette Russell, Graeme Cockburn, William Aubrey Jones, Robert Welling, Simon Maeder
Director: Judy Barrington-Smuts & Matt Feerick
Designer: Lucy Bradridge

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Without Walls
Winchester Hat Fair