The Rascally Diner


Circus, Family, Puppetry, Theatre

Everybody clap your pans – it’s The Rascally Diners’ birthday party!

Cook up a stink as part of Rufus Skumskins O’Parsleys’ kitchen crew or bring a pot to bang and ward off evil cakes in this fun-filled, messy performance about food.

Chef Rufus Skumskins O’Parsley is famous for creating some of the world’s most disgusting dishes. You might know him from the award-winning children’s book The Rascally Cake, written by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul.

Rufus went viral after baking a huge, human-eating cake from ingredients including snot, blubber and a cowpat. He only escaped being gobbled up by the gruesome gateau because he tasted awful – a result of his foul diet. For ten years now, Rufus has been on a mission to make everyone taste bad and protect them from the creature he cooked up.

For the diners’ 10th Birthday, Rufus is presenting a televised spectacular and you’re invited!

Join LAStheatre for a show that gently explores food provenance, sustainability, and healthy eating in a silly, song-filled, riotous performance for humans aged 5+.

No Cakes.

About LAStheatre

LAStheatre is an award-winning theatre company based in the UK. They create layered, urgent, heart-driven stories that engage people of all ages. Their shows tackle important and complex ideas in surprising, joyous and participatory ways; harnessing puppetry, live music, circus and immersive technologies.

Working with children and young people in schools and community settings is an integral part of their creation process. For each of their productions, they work directly with their audience to embed their thoughts and ideas into the fabric of their shows.

Since 2012, over a quarter of a million people have seen a LAStheatre show – their work has been described as ‘spellbinding’ (Manchester Evening News), ‘powerful’ (The Scotsman), ‘atmospheric’ (The Herald), ‘fascinating’ (BBC) and ‘thrillingly immediate’ (FT).

Creative / Production credits:

Barra Collins

Sean Turner

Liz Bate

Joe Hardy

Food Consultant
Kate Young

Outdoor Arts Consultant
Paul Evans

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

The Rascally Diner is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Just So Festival.

Further support from artsdepot and Arts Council England.

Full partners to be announced.


Images: The rascally Diner by LAStheatre (c) Luke Witcomb