The Seance

Paschale Straiton

Installation, Music/Sound, Theatre

Psychic medium Hazel Doe is waiting for you to step across the threshold of her mysterious reception room – a popular haunt.
When you are sitting comfortably, she will lift the veil between this world and the next and…talk to the spirits. If she’s up to it, you may even witness a rare spiritual manifestation. Beware, a ghostly finger may be pointing to you.

The Séance was a 15 minute, intimate theatre piece, set in a highly ornate and dimly lit Victorian parlour. A group of 20 entered the room, held hands in the dark and experienced a Séance at the hands of Hazel Doe – mystic to the stars and her spirit guide Colin.



About Acrojou

Paschale Straiton is a Performer, Writer and Director

As a devising performer she has a worked with a lot of companies performing in very different contexts: Opening Skinners Box, Improbable’s play about psychological experiments; The Enchanted Palace, a theatrical installation at Kensington Palace for Wildworks; Sturgeon Moon a project that visited communities along the River Severn with Desperate Men; Full Circle, a new outdoor project by Avanti Display, involving 2 people and 110 metal buckets. She wrote the script for the soundtrack for River Stories, a large scale spectacular production for Walk the Plank, has directed a children’s show for The Honk Project and is a regular puppetry director for the New Vic Theatre, Stoke on Trent.

She began performing on the street in 2000 and was instantly captured by the excitement of it – where anything can happen and a performer has to be alert and open to the element of surprise. She noticed that through performing on the street she could connect everyone, including people who don’t go to the theatre and people who were often marginalised. She learned to encourage people to join her, suspend their disbelief or think sideways about the world for a moment, or an hour, or longer, which often seemed to make people feel happy. And this made her feel happy too. So, she attempts to recreate this equation as often as possible.

Production Credits:

Devisers: Lucy Bradridge, Flick Ferdinando, Bernadette Russell, Paschale Straiton, with support from John Paul Zaccarini and Brenda Waite

Set Design: Charlie Camm, with support from James Chaplin, David Bernstein and Graeme Gilmour

Sound Design: Mercedes Maresca

Creative Producers: Sarah Sansom and Ayla Suveren for Time Wont Wait 

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned in 2008, by The Winchester Hat Fair and Arts Fresco, Market Harborough.

Supported by the Without Walls (2008)

Funded by the Arts Council of England.