The Tragic and Disturbing Tale of Little Lupin

Luci Gorell Barnes


The Tragic and Disturbing Tale of Little Lupin is a promenade performance that tells the tale of a girl who is not like others and how life in the wild can take unexpected and sometimes rather unpleasant turns. With its roots in the dark, rich soil of fairy tales, the show is suitable for people who have ever strayed off the path and into the woods…

The audience is led through a series of scenes by three unusually hairy sisters who draw them deeper and deeper into their off-kilter world. They arrive at a curiously decorated tent where they are seated in balding, velvet cinema seats and offered a selection of odd refreshments. Seated together in the dark in one of the smallest cinemas in the world, they see the crimson curtains draw back to reveal a hand-drawn animation accompanied by an original score.

After the film, the audience is taken back to real life and left there to fend for themselves…


About Luci Gorell Barnes

Luci Gorell Barnes is a visual artist who often finds ways of showing her work theatrically. Research into belonging and dislocation and her work with socially marginalised groups underpins this multi-layered, entertaining and original work.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Commissioned by Theatre Bristol, Bristol Old Vic, and the Bristol Do with support from Without Walls and Arts Council England in 2010.