The Uncommons

Little Lost Robot

Digital, Family, Installation, Music/Sound, Theatre

Outdoors at night, someone is smiling and looking up close at a big robotic flower, which has petals made out of lace and bent metal wire is lit by a pink light.Tucked inside is purple felt that resembles more petals.

Imagine entering a space that is sensitive and reactive to your presence. Layers of audio narrative that respond to you and your movements. Slowing down the pace of life and persuading us to pause, investigate your immediate environment and breathe deeply.

The Uncommons explores “commons” as defined as “the cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of a society, these resources are held in common, not owned privately.”

They are creatively reimagining greener, more meaningfully sustainable urban ecosystems within our local communities with a reactive, robotic environment and layered audio narrative to discover and explore our connection and relationship with our immediate surroundings.

About Little Lost Robot

Little Lost Robot is a creative arts CIC that focuses on opening up and demystifying emerging technologies. It was founded by artist Ruby Sant. They make immersive, digital and installation artwork about minority groups wellness & inclusivity. Co-working with local people to bring visibility to the pressures on contemporary standards of living. Putting health and well-being at the core of the design process. They present a vision of the future that is gloriously humane in all its messy domestic parts. 

Ruby Sant is a large-scale immersive artist and maker who has been working in outdoor arts for over 10 years. Previous projects include The Marie Celestial and The Lost Luggage, as well as a range of outdoor sets and site builds. In 2019, after being offered a fellowship in Automation from the South West Creative Technology Network, they started to design and create people-friendly soft robotics.


Artists: Ruby Sant, Aisha Ali, Michelle Roche, Dave Webb, Juliet Webb, Phaedra Bolton

The Uncommons is supported by Without Walls.

Image credit: courtesy of artist