Pedal Powered Silly Sideshow: The Water Cycle

Bureau Of Silly Ideas

Circus, Family, Installation, Theatre

The Water Cycle is a street show that combines eccentric machinery, absurd theatre and carnivalesque audience participation! The Water Cycle brings into ridiculous reality the things that we all learnt about in primary school: the weather.

Bureau Of Silly Ideas has noticed that with everything going on in the world, the Great British people have stopped talking about the one thing that has always been top of mind in our nation: The Weather.

We all learnt about the water cycle in primary school, but now it’s time to ride it for yourself! In this sideshow style game, use pedal power to move water up into the clouds and make it rain on some unsuspecting passers-by underneath. We guarantee that once you’ve ridden The Water Cycle, the weather won’t be small talk anymore!

About Bureau of Silly Ideas

Bureau Of Silly Ideas are creators of inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public realm. They believe that by engaging people in a conversation that extends beyond the absurd, they can impact genuine social change.

Bureau Of Silly Ideas injects art, entertainment, humour and surprise in everyday places – creating engaging installations, devised theatre shows and surprising interventions that bring magic and silliness to the mundane.

Working with a range of partners stretching across heritage, the arts, public realm and community organisations. The way BOSI approach work depends on the partner and the purpose.




Bureau of Silly Ideas is an Arts Council England National Portfolio company.

Pedal Powered Silly Sideshow: The Water Cycle is supported by Without Walls.