The Lost Opera

Ashley Peevor & Nikki Watson

Dance, Family, Music/Sound, Walkabout

The Lost Opera is an interactive street performance that you can join. Deep in the city, a parade will begin led by three unknown figures.

These huge bewildering beasts will twist themselves through the cityscape each one ready to perform together with a musical composition like you have never heard before.

Join the unusual spectacle as a member of the chorus and use your phone to play along with the music of the performance.

About Ashley Peevor & Nikki Watson

Ashley Peevor is a multidisciplinary artist. He has been working for 10 years and has exhibited across the UK and in America, Germany and Portugal. He has been producing outdoor work for over seven years and this work has received extensive press coverage and has been featured on the BBC, American breakfast News and numerous magazines including TimeOut Magazine, Big Issue, Metro amongst many others.

He has received various commissions over his career which includes Winchester Hat fair, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival and his last project in July for the National Theatre in London for their National Park Festival.

Find out more about Ashley Peevor here.

Nikki Watson, Founder and Artistic Director of CoDa, is also Artistic Director of Green Shoes Arts, an established charity inspiring community in Barking & Dagenham to make positive change through the arts. Watson is also an independent consultant for East London Dance (the regional dance organisation for East London), developing an evaluation methodology on their Head Start mental health programme.

Watson is an artist mentor for Barbican through its Box project with Complicit, and a performer and artists for Rhiannon Faith Dance.

Find out more about Nikki Watson here.

Creative / Production credits

Costume & Music by Ashley Peevor
Choreography by Nikki Watson
Interaction and Creative Technology by Steve Symons ( Ltd)

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

The Lost Opera is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Timber Festival.