The Hum

Flexer & Sandiland


You are invited to experience the everyday choreography of everyday people on the streets of the city. Via your smartphone a collection of voices guide you through often-overlooked locations, commentating on and embellishing the events taking place before your eyes.

In The Hum there are no performers and no stage just real life framed as unusual and surprising performance. Download the app, plug in a pair of headphones, and follow the trail.

Forming a series of acute observations on how we live and interact with the urban environment, The Hum incorporates text from four diverse artists including international dance artist Wendy Houston, dance writer for The Times Donald Hutera, Maria Oshodi director of Extant Theatre Company of visually impaired people and live artist Pete Phillips. These writers explore the subtle qualities of observed and experienced movement to create their own idiosyncratic narratives ranging from the poetic and humorous through to the ironic and subversive.

About Flexer & Sandiland

Directed by award-winning choreographer Yael Flexer and installation artist Nic Sandiland, Flexer & Sandiland creates live and digital installation work (for theatres, galleries, screens and large outdoor spaces). Yael and Nic’s work centres on the generating of a sense of intimacy in live performance and digital installation, in a way which acknowledges the physicality and presence of the viewer.

Works offer acute observations on the everyday and the mundane using pedestrian movement and gesture as well as working with dancers and non-dancers as performers within digital works.

Creation / Production credits

Wendy Houston, Donald Hutera, Pete Phillips & Maria Oshodi

Amy Lyster, Donald Hutera, Pete Phillips, Caroline Hume, Alonna Flexer & Robert Kingsley

James Keane

Dab Apps

Direction, Design & Concept
Nic Sandiland

Yael Flexer & Lou Rogers

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Commissioned by Brighton Festival
Supported by Without Walls, Hat Fair and Stockton International Riverside Festival
Supported by Arts Council England & South East Dance