Music/Sound, Theatre

TOAST is a beautiful big hearted extravaganza of food, dance, live music, songs and tales from around the world. Join the Guild of Toasters and dance with them through the seasons and their treats in a love song to community.

TOAST was built from meeting musicians, cooks, dancers and story tellers from around the world who like us have made Sheffield their home town.

We’ve stitched all these treats together into a 45 minute show that moves around a space as we travel with our beautiful mobile Toast Kitchen full circle around the wheel of seasons and celebrate each other in intimate sharing of food, wild dancing, and lashings of live music. 

About Pif-Paf

Pif-Paf are a highly acclaimed visual and physical theatre company, creating stunning and constantly evolving work from the intimate to the extreme.

Pif-Paf’s work runs from small Bee Revolutions (Bee Cart) to Flight Of Fancy rickshaw rides (Flycycle & Submercycle) , car sized Slugs battling chickens (SEED), giant canvas painting with explosions (Action Painting) cutting-edge tech art (Celestial Sound Cloud) and now TOAST, a community building Pancake and music show.

Creative / Production credits:

Cast Pete Gunson, Adam “Chiv” Charvet

Eleanor Hooper

Pete Gunson and Eleanor Hooper, with the company

The company and original composers current and traditional.

Set design and build
Pete Gunson with Roscoe Blevins and Annie Nelson

Show format
Developed in 2019 by Pete Gunson and Eleanor Hooper with Jack Stoddart and Francesca ‘Chez’ Dunford

Company Administrator/Tour Manager
Marianne Bolton

Special Thanks: Aboud Khawaja, Banar, Sunshine Wong, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, All at Petre Street Garage and Gamal at Daleel Travel, Sheffield Bakery and Stacey Sampson.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

TOAST is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Wiltshire Creative.

Further supported by Arts Council England and Wild Rumpus. R&D investment from Without Walls Blueprint.


Image credits: Ash Mills