TOAST is a mobile part improvised extravaganza of music, stories and bursts of food & drink. It happens around a highly mobile electric Toast Mobile and is a mixture of set pieces and improvising around the audience they meet.


TOAST is Pif-Paf’s ambitious beautiful, growing, communal celebration of food, song, story, dance and fire. It happens on and around our ever-moving mobile kitchen cart and us: 3 cooking, storytelling musicians.

TOAST is a mixture of songs, stories and recipes we have learnt from musicians and cooks from around the world that we have met in our home town and responds to you – the audience – and the stories you are going to tell us. Expect flying pancakes, singing, maybe some dancing, a bit of eating and drinking, laughing and lots of new friends.

About Pif-Paf

Pif-Paf are a highly acclaimed visual and physical theatre company, creating stunning and constantly evolving work from the intimate to the extreme.

Pif-Paf’s work runs from small Bee Revolutions (Bee Cart) to Flight Of Fancy rickshaw rides (Flycycle & Submercycle) , car sized Slugs battling chickens (SEED), giant canvas painting with explosions (Action Painting) cutting-edge tech art (Celestial Sound Cloud) and now TOAST, a community building Pancake and music show.

Creative / Production credits:

Cast: Pete Gunson, Adam “Chiv” Charvet, Kate Griffin

Director: Eleanor Hooper

Writers: Pete Gunson and Eleanor Hooper, with the company

Music: The company and original composers current and traditional.

Set design and build: Pete Gunson with Roscoe Blevins and Annie Nelson

Show format: Developed in 2019 by Pete Gunson and Eleanor Hooper with Jack Stoddart and Francesca ‘Chez’ Dunford

Company Administrator/Tour Manager: Marianne Bolton

Special Thanks: Aboud Khawaja, Banar, Sunshine Wong, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, All at Petre Street Garage and Gamal at Daleel Travel, Sheffield Bakery and Stacey Sampson.

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

TOAST is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Wiltshire Creative.

Further supported by Arts Council England and Wild Rumpus. R&D investment from Without Walls Blueprint.