VR Fairground

Studio Go Go

Digital, Installation

The fairground is traditionally a site of social, cultural & technological experimentation. Riders instinctively responded to sensations of speed, accentuated by patterns of light, colour, and sound. Classic rides have dwindling heritage appeal. But with VR technology, Studio Go Go sees them as an opportunity for artistic experimentation, which aims to amplify & distort our perceptions of movement.

About VR Fairground

Imagine the old-fashioned Twister fairground ride. You’re spun clockwise in a flat circle, which itself spins anticlockwise in a larger circle. Your body draws spirographic shapes in the air – squeezed by an invisible force as you reach the outer limits. For a moment you hover stationary, before being hurdled to the opposite side.

But what if the ride broke free from this grey world? Your beating movements power the ride, which surges upwards; faster, faster; high into the air; towards a candy-coloured sky world, where your adventure awaits. Ride with our VR headset and that’s exactly what you’ll experience.

About Studio Go Go

Studio Go Go creates interactive VR rides and experiences. They create interactive VR content that will propel your experience of an existing mechanical ride into whole new dimensions.  Studio Go Go also design and produce bespoke physical ride installations for corporate events, festivals, or permanent installation.

Studio Go Go’s team has extensive experience working with clients across the spectrum of the arts (festivals, arts organisations, museums, the cultural sector); the entertainment industry (amusement parks and leisure); professional commissions (design & architecture); and with blue-chip clients on global marketing campaigns. They can produce to a specific commission, or work closely with your team to realise their ideas.

Studio Go Go is a group of world-class creatives and cutting-edge technologists that develop content that can be distributed globally, to be played locally on mobile VR headsets.

The company’s work ranges from avant-garde audio-visual artworks to the creation of playful interactive adventures.

For more information on Studio Go Go visit their website here.


Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Project support from Arts Council England.

Arts Council England emergency funds to keep Studio Go Go going.

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.