Ear Trumpet

Gobbledegook Theatre

Family, Music/Sound, Theatre

Ear Trumpet is a piece about listening. It’s about the sound under the ground. The noises that you would miss if you didn’t listen for them.

A team of sonic investigators have managed to track an exceptional auditory occurrence, which they have discovered runs under much of Britain. Eons-worth of sound, both ancient and modern, is harmonically bound together, trapped inside our ancient rocks… and occasionally, these sounds bubble up and erupt to the surface. Ear Trumpet allows you to listen in on this incredible sonic phenomenon.

Ear Trumpet is a playful installation, made for people of all ages inviting audiences to delight in the discovery of the secret music under your feet.

About Gobbledegook Theatre

Gobbledegook Theatre’s guiding principal is to create or facilitate the creation of work which hopes to ‘render the familiar strange’ for audiences – be it on a sea front promenade, in public gardens, music festivals, libraries or playgrounds. Gobbledegook produces theatrical happenings through live performance, music and installation. Their work is often made for families and young people and they don’t have a hierarchy of site or audience, believing that some of the most prestigious places they are invited to work are schools and nurseries.

Production Credits

Kate Hazel (Artistic Director of Alchemy Productions); Lorna Rees (Artistic Director of Gobbledegook Theatre).

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Commissioned by Without Walls, Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival and Hat Fair.

Originally commissioned by Activate for the Inside Out Dorset Festival and Arts Bournemouth for the Arts by the Sea Festival.