Sharing knowledge and insights from the network

Integrate Access into Your Outdoor Show

A practical guide to support outdoor artists to integrate access within their work. [Guidance document = approximately 26 minutes reading]


Getting Started with Environmental Sustainability: Top Tips for Outdoor Artists

A collection of enviromental sustainability videos on topics: Strategy, Materials, Energy, Transport, Food & Water and Waste. Produced by Without Walls and Norfolk & Norwich Festival. [Approximately 40 minutes, made of 7 videos ranging from 3-8 minutes]


Diversity Resources Collated List

Without Walls are continuously compiling diversity resources from various organisations, artists and groups. Keep checking back here as the list will grow over time. [Approximately 90 minutes, including a 60 minute recruitment guide]


Sustainability in the Outdoor Arts Sector

Accessible Environmental Literacy Training by Chiara Badiali. [Approximately 60 minute presentation deck]


Dramaturgy Creative Lab at 101 Outdoor Arts

[Approximately 100 minutes, including 3x labs of 10, 15 and 60 minutes]

General Resources

Environmental sustainability resources: Master list

A collection of resources and further reading on sustainability


Case Study: How to Integrate Access into Performances

An interview with Nikki Charlesworth (What Happened to You). [Approximately 25 minutes]


Making Sustainable Productions

Without Walls Artist workshop with the Theatre Green Book [Workshop recording approximately 2 hours 22 minutes]


Insights from Green Production Lab at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space

[Approximately 30 minutes]


Insights from A Greener Festival Training

[2 presentations, 1x 60 minutes and 1x 40 minutes, and a list of further reading]


Watch recorded webinar about pricing outdoor shows

[Approximately 90 minute webinar recording]

General Resources

Resources to Support Artist’s Inclusive Practice

3 Workshops to develop artist’s access practice. 1: Access Riders [16 minutes]. 2: Visual Stories [30 minutes]. 3: Inclusive Devising Practice [44 minutes].


Insights from April’s Green Production Lab

[4x production labs: 1 hour 12 minutes, 1 hour 55 minutes, 1 hour 45 minutes, 2 hours 18 minutes and a handbook]


Insights from the Discover Programme: March 2021

[Approximately 35 minutes reading]

General Resources

Live and Digital Events: Hybrid Model Support for Deaf and Disabled Audiences and Artists

Exploring the opportunities and challenges that a hybrid model presents when connecting via digital platforms. [Approximately 1 hour 35 minute webinar recording]