Jeanefer Jean-Charles & Associates

Dance, Music/Sound

Patois explores what happens when two unwritten languages meet: the spoken language of patois (French Creole) and the movement language of dance.

British-Caribbean choreographer Jeanefer Jean-Charles MBE tells a story of lost languages, longing and belonging through traditional Caribbean choreography, contemporary dance and an original music score.

Join us on a journey to rediscover hidden voices and identities that are rooted in dialects that are buried within us as we reawaken stories and generations of the past.

About Jeanefer Jean-Charles

Jeanefer Jean-Charles MBE is a globally respected Creative Director and Producer with over 20 years’ experience, specialising in large-scale performances, opening ceremonies, stadium events, outdoor spectacles, carnivals, and parades.

Her work has taken her to over 21 countries and has gone down in the Guinness Book of Records. Her unique creative process brings to life the talents, strengths, and shared stories of local communities and artists in inspiring and unforgettable ways.


‘Inspired by formal portrait photography of black Victorian Britons, Jeanefer Jean-Charles’s sensual dance work restores life and humanity to its forgotten subjects.’

(Black Victorians)

The Guardian, Sanjoy Roy 

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

Patois is supported by Without Walls and commissioned by FESTIVAL.ORG for Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Brighton Festival.

Image credits © Jeanefer Jean-Charles & Associates