The People vs The Octopus

Mufti Games

Digital, Theatre

The People vs the Octopus is a playable outdoor and digital theatre show about and supporting housing activism.

It will explore avenues of protest within the current housing crisis taking inspiration from Ferguson’s Gang (FG) – a group of female activists who in the 1930’s disguised themselves as ‘benevolent gangsters’, organised campaign stunts and significantly raised the funds and profile of the National Trust.

The People vs The Octopus

Mufti is working with campaign groups including Focus East 15 looking into who Ferguson’s Gang might already be today, and how they could be reinvented today. The show will take the form of a set of playable experiences within a modern narrative played across a series of locations.

Mufti Games

Mufti Games use play and games to create interactive experiences for all ages. Play is at the very heart of what the company does. Its games include MASSIVE BATTLESHIPS – a long distance team version of the classic naval game, L_ve Hangman, a reimagining of the spelling game as a 1970’s on-street gameshow and ROMANS! a play experience connected to the RSC Rome MMXVII season. Commissions include Barbican, Knowle West Media Centre, Strike a Light and Bristol Museums. The company is resident at Pervasive Media Studio.

Creative / Production credits:

R&D/production credits: 
Creative team includes Rachael Clerke (Cuncrete); Katie Storer (The band at the end of the world); Jesse Jones (The Wardrobe Ensemble, Complicite Associates); One Five West (Madlab, Pervasive Media Studios); Rowan James (Deaf Eye, Spaz); Linzy Na Nakorn (BitterSuite) Claire Crawford (Tessa Bide)

Funding, commissioning and partner credits:

The project is supported by Pervasive Media Studio.

R&D investment through Without Walls Blueprint.