Watch recorded webinar about pricing outdoor shows – November 2021

5 November 2021

Insights and practical tips on pricing for creation and touring of outdoor shows

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Without Walls pricing outdoor work webinar, useful tips and advice 

In the latest of a series of online resources developed for creatives in the outdoor arts sector, we brought together a panel of industry experts to share their knowledge and practical advice on how to price your outdoor show to ensure it is viable, sustainable financially, and that it is fit for touring.

The speakers for the session were:

The Session is Chaired by Independent Producer Phil Hargreaves 

During the session, each speaker provides a 15-minute presentation that includes a short introduction to their/ their company’s work and funding structure, as well as their experience and top tips when putting together a creation and touring budget.

Some of the key topics that are explored include:

  • What to consider when creating an outdoor show and how to budget for it
  • How to formulate a price for touring your show (your presentation fees and how that is different from an indoor show)
  • Examples of tour budgets and key considerations
  • Useful resources and industry standards

Featured image: Ghost Caribou by Thingumajig Theatre, photo by Ian Hodgson

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