Welcome to Discover 2023

18 July 2023

Without Walls welcomes the 2023 Discover Programme participants

We are delighted to announce the artists, producers and creatives taking part in the 2023 Discover Programme. Discover provides opportunities for those who are new to Outdoor Arts to learn more about what it means to make work outdoors.

Each of the participants will attend a series of guided sessions with industry practitioners taking place throughout the year.

Tess Farley, Senior Project Manager for the programme said:

Now in it’s fifth year, our Discover programme builds on the success of, and learning from, Discover in previous years. We’re delighted that this year we are able to offer a programme which responds to the needs of participants; providing a range of ways to explore making work outdoors, including offering bespoke opportunities for light-touch mentoring and a co-produced session with experts for the first time.

Meet the 2023 participants

Ariella Como Stoian is smiling into the camera.

Ariella Como Stoian - Freelance Writer and Theatre-Maker, working in Access and Inclusion (they/she)

Ariella (they/she) is an early-career playwright, queer directurg and multi-disciplinary theatre-maker from Romania, Australia, Italy and now the UK, based in London.

Debbie Ganguli-Patel is standing in a green space in front of leafy trees. Debbie is looking directly into the camera with a big friendly smile.

Debbie Ganguli-Patel Artistic Director Satyam School of Dance and Music (Self Employed) (she/her)

Debbie Ganguli-Patel is a Dental Surgeon and a Bharatanatyam Dance Artist, Teacher and Choreographer based in Milton Keynes

Ebony George is wearing a green print top and glasses. Ebony is looking directly at the camera with a nice smile.

Ebony George - Culture Development Event Producer - Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure (she/her)

Ebony George is an Events Producer at Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure with a passion for carnival arts and Caribbean culture.

Esther Alcock is smiling directly into the camera standing in front of a marina with water and small boats.

Esther Alcock - Programme Coordinator - DanceEast (she/they)

Esther is a producer born and based in Ipswich, developing an inclusive practice that centres care, connection and joy in the creation and programming of dance work.

Herbert-Christian Panduru is in front of trees and a grey sky looking into the distance to the right of the frame.

Herbert-Cristian Panduru - Dancer/Choreographer - Freelance (he/him)

Herbert-Cristian is a Theatre & Dance practitioner, with a passion for storytelling through dance.

Jamaal O'Driscoll is dancing. only their right forearm is on the floor. Jamaal's left arm is on their head while both legs are in the arm above them.

Jamaal O'Driscoll - Artistic Director & Choreographer - O’Driscoll Collective (he/him)

Artistic Director of O'Driscoll Collective, Jamaal is a versatile performer and choreographer born & working in Birmingham.

Lady Kitt is surrounded by crumpled pink paper, with their bare feet on clay they are molding. They have their eyes closed with a big smile on their face.

Lady Kitt - Artist - Self employed (they/them)

Lady Kitt is a disabled artist, researcher and drag king, describing their work as “Mess Making as Social Glue” driven by insatiable curiosity about how stuff that gets called art can be useful.

Lauren Tucker has leaped into the air in a semi split with their left arm behind them and their right above their head. There is a lot of movement in their dark hair and red dress.

Lauren Tucker - Founder & Director of Tuckshop Dance Theatre - Freelance (she/her)

Lauren is a dance practitioner, digital and multi- disciplinary creative, dance advocate, experience curator, experience seeker, and cultural activist.

Mohit Mathur is wearing a grey textured jacket over a white cotton t-shirt. Mohit is looking directly into the camera.

Mohit Mathur - Actor / Theatre maker / Choreographer - Self employed (he/him)

Mohit Mathur is an Indian actor / theatre maker / choreographer, a graduate from the Drama Centre London.

Natalie Chan is standing in front of a brick wall. They're looking directly into the camera smiling with their long hair moving in the breeze.

Natalie Chan - Creative Producer - Freelance (she/her)

Natalie is a producer and fundraiser from Hong Kong. She’s recently been Associate Producer for Best of Enemies in the West End.

Sadiq Ali is looking directly into the camera. They have dark hair and beard. They're wearing a light top with their tattoos visible above the collar.

Sadiq Ali - Circus Artist/Performance Maker - Self Employed (he/him)

Sadiq Ali is a Scottish born mixed heritage circus artist.

A red phone box is on a sandy beach with the door open. The sign under the crown at the top of the box says 'Two Tin Cans'. The sea's crashing waves are much further down the beach. A person is standing looking at the phonebox.

Suzie Devey - Artist - Freelance Artist (she/her)

Suzie Devey is a printmaker who seeks to ignite creative conversations that can make a difference in people's lives.

Vee Smith is sat on a trapeze with a white dress, holding a red cape with a red hood, holding a basket filled with red toadstools.

Vee Smith - Artist and Producer - Freelance (she/her)

Vee Smith is a freelance circus and performing artist based in Glasgow.

Zoe Tsavdarides is smiling at the camera.

Zoe Tsavdarides - Self employed / Freelance (she/they)

Zoe is a researcher, performer, and performance maker from Greece and the US, currently based in London.

Image credits:

Banner image – Frock by Stopgap Dance Company © Adrienne Photography
Featured image – Mimbre, Lifted