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We see a female presenting performer's face looking at the camera. They are carrying a large bamboo structure and we're looking at them through green mesh.



I think we should start over

Candoco Dance Company and Jamaal Burkmar

Five black performers, in different colourful clothes, hold their arms and faces up to the sky. They are outside in front of a large speakers set up.

Ancient Futures

Unlimited Theatre & Upswing

Three performers stand on drum barrels. They are wearing colourful but dishevelled clothing and holding a banner that says 'We'll find the beast that killed the sea'.


Theatre Témoin

A person wearing white with a black hat and shoes stands facing the camera with their hands held to their chest. They are looking down at the ground while standing in front of an old blue car.


Common Wealth and Fuel

A performer jumps off coloured boxes. She is wearing a unicorn headband, pastel knitted vest and a grey school skirt. Her pastel rainbow capes flows behind her. She is holding a silver trophy.

There Should Be Unicorns

Middle Child


Kit Green

Two people sat on blue cushions around a tree carved out of wood that has a small speaker attached towards the top. Notes are tied to the tree’s branches with pieces of string. Also hanging from the tree and the wires attaching it to the ground are silk garlands.

Final Farewell

Tara Theatre

Born to Protest

Just Us Dance Theatre

Big Gay Disco Bike

Fatt Projects

Bus Boycott

China Plate Theatre

Do What Ya Mamma Told Ya!

Just More Productions


Kapow - Dance Circus Theatre

Recovery Poems

Emergency Exit Arts, Robert Montgomery & Deanna Rodger

Good Youtes Walk

Far From the Norm