Integrate Access into Your Outdoor Show


A practical guide to support outdoor artists to integrate access within their work

We’ve created a simple, practical guide to support and empower outdoor artists to integrate access within their work and to promote good practice. 

Without Walls is committed to supporting the development of inclusive outdoor work. Outdoor Arts plays a vital role in reaching diverse communities and offering artistic experiences that enrich people’s lives. Our work finds creative expression in public space transforming ideas of how we use our shared places. These opportunities should be made available and open to all that encounter them. 

Over the last 4 years, Without Walls has helped many of its supported artists to find creative approaches for making their work more inclusive for Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent audiences. 

Without Walls has produced this document to support artists and companies to find positive and creative solutions to access barriers. It’s important to address any barriers from the very beginning of your development to ensure your show is welcoming for those with access needs. We encourage artists to use this document as a springboard of ideas and use the experience of artists who have previously made access part of their practice.  

We recognize that each show is unique and will encounter different challenges. There are always new ways of working and new practice. This process takes time; there isn’t a quick-fix or ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. So, it’s time to be bold and innovative in how you make your work connected to audiences.

This guide has been devised by Without Walls, with contributions from Alex Covell in her role as Without Walls Access Advisor. This guide has also benefited from the Without Walls Outdoor Arts Access Guide: Without Walls Outdoor Arts Festivals and Events Access Guide (Without Walls, 2020).

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