The Culture House

The Culture House aim to engage, excite and inspire by bringing more culture to more people

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Based in Grimsby, The Culture House are committed to increasing cultural opportunity for all and have been working to increase cultural provision in this underserved place through development and delivery of quality and imaginative events, festivals and projects. 

They work in partnership with creative organisations, artists, community groups, businesses, education providers, local authority and more, to engage, excite and inspire residents and visitors to the area.  

Their four main strands of work include:-


Through these place-based partnerships they achieve positive impact and improve quality of life, inviting residents to get involved. Their projects also attract visitors & contribute to economic growth. 


Through partnerships, they enable more quality creative opportunities that connect people to where they live and each-other 


They provide opportunities to showcase local talents, building confidence and raising aspirations while providing work opportunities  


They grow their community’s understanding of the benefits of culture, particularly in terms of  regeneration and well-being 

Why We Joined Without Walls

The Without Walls membership is invaluable to our organisation for the following reasons:-

  • Enables us to connect with high quality touring outdoor performance  
  • Help us to strengthen programme knowledge and raise awareness of different artwork offers  
  • Allows us to network nationally which helps with combatting geographical isolation 
  • Improve practice and develop knowledge in areas such as environmental responsibility and access  

The quest for cultural development can sometimes be a very lonely mission and the network offer wonderful insight and support.  

The Culture House's logo. It is the words 'The Culture House in bold black text with no spaces or capital letters and underneath, in smaller grey italicised text, the words 'engage, excite & inspire'.

Impact on Local Communities

North East Lincolnshire is recognised as a Priority Place with a large proportion of wards within the most deprived 10% of England. We have often been described as ‘a cultural desert’. The Culture House recognise the value and need for culture to help improve quality of life and have always been driven by bringing high-quality art and culture to the area; we believe that people should have access to culture, no matter where they live.

Our projects not only connect local residents and community but attract visitors to the area and provide opportunities to showcase and develop local talent, building confidence, and raising aspirations while providing work opportunities.

The Culture House - Wonderful World, Picnic in the Park 2022

The Culture House's Wonderful World

Wonderful World featuring Picnic in the Park is a wonderful summer programme of outdoor art and live music in green spaces in North East Lincolnshire.  

Celebrating wellbeing and nature, we will present high quality street theatre and performance from around the country alongside local performers and artists with interactive workshops for community creation and participation.