Super Culture

9 September 2023 - 10 September 2023

Super Culture’s flagship festival, Whirligig in Weston-super-Mare, is a vibrant, weekend event in the heart of the town that presents a mix of local, national and international outdoor arts. Super Culture also involves local organisations such as XR, Weston Pride and Weston College in associated creative activity on the Festival site in order to embed Whirligig firmly in the heart of the community.

The festival is playful and family-friendly, and Super Culture look for content that challenges, surprises, inspires and entertains. They proactively programme work that encourages people to think about social issues experienced through a creative lens.  They also proactively programme work that demonstrates cultural diversity.

Most of the audiences for Whirligig are local, and represent the wide social demographic of the town. The event also attracts day visitors from the surrounding area as well as some tourists from across the UK and occasional international visitors. In the lead-up to the Festival, they run engagement projects in more isolated communities that broaden their audience and deepen the audience’s experience of the event itself.

In 2019 Whirligig won best UK small event at the National Outdoor Events Awards.