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Without Walls encourages artists to take risks and experiment with their craft. We do this through our Blueprint funding programme, which supports the research and development of ambitious new work which is in the early stages of development.

Since its inception in 2018, Without Walls Blueprint R&D has supported the creation of 100 shows, with many going on to become fully-realised productions.

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Tit for Tat logo. The text is white on red squares, like it has been cut out from a newspaper. Ryan, one of the Tit for Tat members, puts his hands over Louis's ears, the other founding member of the company.

Knights of Sir Kuss

Tit for Tat

BRILLIANT [working title]


Community Chest

Matthew Harrison

Big Gay Disco Bike

Fatt Projects

The Promise – an Operatic Adaptation

Lucy Bradley

A Thousand Stories High

Mark Murphy

Space to Fly

Unlimited Theatre and Upswing

A person with a long, curly, black mustache talks to a puppet which they are holding in their hand. The puppet is made from wood.

A la Puppet Carte

Thingumajig Theatre

Bus Boycott

China Plate Theatre



Black Victorians

Jeanefer Jean-Charles & Associates

Bolly Kuthu


The Hatchling


A promotional image of a magician's hand holding an egg. It says Crow in yellow text.


Avanti Display

Fussy Foodies Frolicking!

Just More Productions

The Lost Opera

Ashley Peevor & Nikki Watson

Out of the Deep Blue

Autin Dance Theatre


Southpaw Dance Company

In Stoke town centre stands a large canvas held up by a steel truss. It depicts portraits of various people in orange, green and purple spray paint. The faces are clustered together as if they're in a crowd. Some passersby stop to look at the canvas.

Robot Selfie



Ling Tan