Blueprint is our research and development programme that enables artists to take risks, push boundaries, explore ideas and expand the possibilities of what outdoor arts can be. 


Desperate Men

The Conference of the Birds


The Anthropocene

Becky Namgauds

Pullen’s Journey

Vital Xposure

No Regrets

Barely Methodical Troupe

Machine | Icon | Monument

Melanie Wilson

The Left Hand of Darkness

Studio Morison

Last Words

Flintlock Theatre

The People vs The Octopus

Mufti Games

Her Abode

Mischief La-Bas

RAVE New World

Tangled Feet

Embaire Village

Max Reinhardt, Jamie Linwood, Tina Koch and Charlotte Mooney

Democratic Electronic Music

Mike Blow, Mat Emmett, Scanner, Kathy Hinde, Matt Olden, John Richards and the R10 collective.

Da Vinci


Autonomous Street

Matthew Rosier


Beka Haigh & Frolicked